Calling Plan VS. Pay Per Call

An unlimited calling plan offered by AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Verizon, is the option chosen by 93% of Americans but, because of the combined and continuous advertising campaigns shared by these big four phone service providers, many people may not really realize that there are in fact other options that they could choose, ones that did not require to agree to a set number of months or even to a pre-set fee each month. Although the unlimited calling plans may be a good option for those that make a lot of calls each month, allowing them to make as many as they choose without having to worry about their bill going to high, there are also many that do not make enough calls per month to justify paying the amount they are required to and for those people, there are pay per call options open to them that they may not be aware of.

In order to find out more about these smaller phone service providers and get an impression of what others that have tried them think of them, customers can look at reviews of some of these companies and, one of which is Ting and then perhaps even seek ting review advice for further details. Many of these smaller providers offer services that have the same range as the larger providers and some can even match them for speed but, if you don’t use your phone that much, can be far cheaper. These smaller providers do not require that their customers commit to a specified number of months and so it is free for them to find another provider at any time they wish, as opposed to having to pay additional breach of contract fees for leaving one of the big four, prior to the contract ending. As these smaller providers have less customers, their customer support is often better than the automated responses too often provided by the customer support departments of the larger companies.

A small pay per call phone service provider will make a small monthly administrative charge which is added to the charge for any calls actually made by the customer for that month and often, obviously depending on the number of calls made, the combined charge will be a lot less than a monthly charge for unlimited calling plans, perhaps even just 50% of an unlimited plan.

Although initially, these savings may seem great, it must in fairness be remembered though, that the big four will usually offer a huge discount on the purchase of a phone when joining their plan, something which the smaller service providers can rarely do which means, although your savings may be good on the pay per call service, the money you save for the first few months, depending on the amount of savings you make and the type of phone you buy, the savings will just be recouping the money you spent on the new phone. Check first though as some phones can be converted, which means that savings can be made from the very first month.